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Throat caught in the excitement of being present, watching, sharing.Then the climax: his friend unable to stave off his need any more.Tossing his head back and squeezing his own eyes closed, he growled some unintelligible utterance as he shot his hot load into my boyfriend’s arse.His hand left my man’s cock for that moment, both hands gripping my boyfriend’s arse to steady himself as he surged forward into the orgasm. Now there's an easy way to scratch that 'itch.' Simply become a member of Fuck Buddies Near You and let us put you in touch with local girls and guys who are down to fuck and nothing more.Log on any time to see who's nearby and ready for action!I remember their faces, contorted with the pleasure and the exhibitionism and the sheer filthy satisfaction of it all.I remember the heat pouring off them both, and my joy in seeing real guys together like this, gritty, imperfect, not the oiled bronze muscles of gay porn.

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Not enough to completely stop the action, just enough to remind him that he’s being thoroughly violated in the dirtiest of ways.

His fingers sliding up and down that pre-cum lubed shaft in the same rhythm as his cock was penetrating his arse.